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Le Brothers narrow (1)Vinh Le, D.D.S. & Quang Le

Vinh: I graduated UCLA in 2003 and started working for a private practice in Culver City for about a year until I moved to San Diego and associated for the next four years. During this period I started anew practice from scratch with my brother. So for a while my brother and I were both associating parttime while working part-time in our practice.
Quang: I went to dental school at Detroit Mercy and graduated in 2002. After graduating I went straight back to California, got my license and worked as an associate for… [More]

yabut cropReymarie Yabut, D.D.S.

I’m a graduate of the University of the East in the Philippines. I graduated in 1985, and practiced for about four years before moving to Canada in 1989. My husband and I just had a daughter when we moved, so I took several years off to settle in before getting my license to practice in Canada in 1996. Once I acquired my license, I began working as an associate for two offices in Toronto. But with two daughters, my husband and I felt that Toronto was too big of a city for us, and we decided to move to a smaller town. So in 2000, we purchased a small office from a retiring dentist. When I purchased it… [More]

Alla Dorfman, D.D.S.Dorfman Cutout

I graduated from New York University School of Dentistry in 2002, followed by a one-year GPR residency at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn. I took a year off after the residency when my daughter was born and then went on to associate for a couple of years.At the end of 2006, I opened a scratch practice in Manhattan. It was 1200 square feet andplumbed for five chairs (I started with two)… [More]

Smoler new cropBruce Smoler, D.D.S.

I went to Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago and graduated in 1987. I was accepted to Periodontal Specialty School but decided to take a year deferment to work in my father’s practice in Michigan. I planned on being his associate for one year before going back to Chicago to specialize. One year turned into two and then more. I enjoyed being a generalist and not limiting my practice to just one area of dentistry, but we had two locations and it was a challenge running separate offices without having effective management systems in place… [More]


PadillaRamon Padilla, D.D.S.

My story is not unique. It began as so many before me, and just as many after me. When I graduated Marquette University in 1998, I aspired to “Save the World,” and provide the best dental care to as many people as I could. Although in the beginning I found a few stumbles, it was very rewarding and I don’t regret being an associate. But as years went by I was pretty beaten up by “The Insurance System,” seeing between 25-40 patients per day and getting “decent” production with a bunch of write-offs. Gradually that burnt me out and I wanted to go private, hoping… [More]


Abe Gershonowicz, D.D.S.

In 1978, I started my dental practice in Sterling Heights, Michigan and for years it grew steadily. Fairly early in my career, I set a goal to build my practice up to the point where I could bring in a partner. With this in mind, I began to bring in associates in the mid-1980s. I had several who came and went prior to Dr. James Neme, who came on board in 1990. After working with Dr. Neme for several years, I decided I wanted to make him my partner. There was one problem: The practice wasn’t productive enough to economically accommodate a partnership. To make a partnership work, I figured that collections would need a 20% increase from… [More]


Virginia Lee, D.M.D. & Jeffrey Santone, MA

I am an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon practicing in Washington, DC. I graduated in 1996 from University of Maryland Medical Systems and the Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. At that time I thought that was all I needed to do – just open up my own practice and be successful. My father also had completed his Oral Surgery residency training about 50 years prior to my graduation and he always seemed very happy and successful. I thought it was just natural to do the same in my own practice. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Private practice was a lot of work. Technically I had great skill, but dental school and residency training did not teach me anything about running a business… [More]



Khang&Trang cropped

Khang Nguyen, D.D.S. & Trang Nguyen, Pharm.D.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry from UC Davis, I completed my D.D.S. at NYU College of Dentistry. Then in 2003, I moved back to California to practice and began as an associate. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry from UC Davis, I completed my D.D.S. at NYU College of Dentistry. Then in 2003, I moved back to California to practice and began as an associate. Just one year into associating, I had an opportunity to start a two-operatory practice from scratch with another dentist in Northern California and I jumped on it. I was still associating three days a week and working in my own practice three days a week—which was supposed to be… [More]


MGE Management Experts

Drew Clement, D.D.S. & Mary Clement, Office Manager

I graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in 1981. After associating in 2 different practices, my wife Mary and I decided it was time to open my own office. I looked forward to being my own “boss” and my family and I enjoying the benefits of financial freedom. So, in 1985 I started out from scratch with one operatory in Thibodaux, Louisiana, with Mary as the office manager (and everything else as she was the only staff member)! From the beginning, we saw that our weak point was organizational issues – my first patient walked out without paying us and disappeared! We did a great job clinically, but could never seem to… [More]


Tony Hatch, D.D.S., and Laura Hatch, Office Manager

We were both very confident when it came time to open our first practice in 2003. Since graduating from the University of Maryland Dental School in 1999, Tony had been associating, and was ready to have an office of his own. And, we figured that Laura, with her business background and education (Bachelors Degree in Human Resources and a Masters in Organizational Development from Johns Hopkins University), was ideal to handle the administrative end of the practice.

With a keen eye for detail, we built a beautiful, high-tech, 2400 square foot office with two operatories (plumbed for three more). To cover our bases administratively, Laura attended a number of practice management seminars in the six months leading up to… [More]