Video: Dental Practice Management Tips

Looking for helpful dental practice management tips?  Here are a few from Greg Winteregg, DDS, Vice President MGE Management Experts.

Using a Morning Huddle to Boost Production!

Your New Associate — Making it Work!

Presenting BIG Cases

What to Do When You’re Running Behind

Instant Production Booster

When to Bring On an Associate

What to Do If your Patient is Declined for 3rd Party Financing

How to Get More New Patient Referrals!

Using the Schedule to Increase Case Acceptance

Should the Doctor Discuss Fees?

Dr. Greg Winteregg Discusses the Value of Retiring Dentists’ Practices

Overcoming Insurance-Related Objections from Patients

The Retirement Solution for Today’s Dentist

Handling new patient calls

Reviewing last year

What to Do About New Patient Cancellations

Customer Service in a Dental Office, Part I of III

How to Sell Dentistry! Handling Objections

Selling Dentistry – What You Need to Know!

Where to do Treatment Plan Presentations