The Dental Business Essentials Seminar

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Learn How to Succeed in the Business of Dentistry! 

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Do you want:

  • Higher profit?
  • Less stress?
  • Better organization?
  • A more productive, efficient team?
  • More new patients?

Then come to the Dental Business Essentials Seminar!

Running your business through trial-and-error or guesswork just makes your career more difficult than it needs to be. There is a blueprint for running a practice with long term growth and profitability, and every practice owner should know it. 

This 2-day seminar is packed with effective management tools, successful actions that actually work in today’s market compiled from years of experience and thousands of successful MGE clients, and the blueprint for a productive, efficient, and profitable practice (that you certainly won’t learn at dental school or any other management company). It very well may be the most important bit of CE you ever do. Contact us now to reserve your seat (and receive nearly 30% off the normal price). And hurry! The seats are filling up fast.

A Special Message from Seminar Speaker, Dr. Gregory A. Winteregg, DDS:

Greg Winteregg

Dear Doctor,

Exceptionally successful dentists have FOUR things in common:

  • They know how to get new patients
  • Are skilled at Treatment Plan Presentation
  • Have clear-cut organizational systems and an industrious staff, and
  • Have a well-managed overhead and high profit margin.

NONE of these skills were learned at dental school!

As dentists, we invest hundreds of thousands in our dental educations and practices. And rightly so – clinical excellence is important and you won’t survive long if you do bad work. However, clinical competence is NOT what guarantees your success. I wish it were. The truth is, your success, profitability, retirement, and stress level are primarily dependent on your proficiency as a BUSINESS PERSON. In dental school, we learned how to be dentists – we didn’t receive a thorough education in subjects like overhead control, case presentations, marketing, hiring, efficiency or staff management! And these are skills you NEED to make a long-term success of private practice! The Dental Business Essentials Seminar will give you some of the most important knowledge you may ever receive in your career. It’s a three-day crash course on what you need to know to succeed in the business of dentistry. Knowledge of business combined with clinical skill is a recipe for real prosperity. Call now and register. I look forward to seeing you there! Sincerely, Gregory A. Winteregg, DDS Partner, MGE

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About the Seminar Speaker

Gregory A. Winteregg, D.D.S is a graduate of the Indiana School of Dentistry and was a MGE Management Experts client for 18 months prior to becoming a partner in the company in 1994. In 1994, Dr. Winteregg decided to sell his practice and join MGE Management Experts as a partner. Since that time he has dedicated his career to teaching other doctors the tools he learned which enabled him to take control of his practice. As a nationally recognized practice management speaker, Dr. Winteregg’s seminar delivery is best described as entertaining, yet very hard hitting and informative. His specific knowledge and personal application of the principles he is teaching make the information very real and immediately applicable to a seminar attendee, whether that attendee is a doctor or office team member. He has personally lectured to or consulted several thousand dentists on every aspect of practice management and expansion and has been a featured speaker at a number of dental meetings. He has also been published in several national magazines specific to the dental industry.

Full Money-Back Guaranteedownload

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, the Dental Business Essentials Seminar comes with a full money-back guarantee. Tuition is fully refundable whether the course is attended or not for up to six weeks following the seminar date. There truly is no risk involved. Get results, get more new patients, get more profit…or else get your money back!

Seminar Agenda

Day 1 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Section I – Introduction

The future of dentistry: Find out about the demographic trends that will form the next two decades of the industry and how to take advantage of this for your practice.

The Dental Business Model: What works in the real world and how to apply it in your practice.

Section II – Get new patients!

The Foundation of Effective Dental Marketing Market Research, How To: How to create marketing that makes money instead of wasting it.

Marketing Structure: How to structure all of your advertising so it gets a response.

Marketing & Collections: What you MUST do to ensure your practice always makes money.

Internal Marketing – Get More Referrals: What actually works and what is a waste of time!

The Front Desk & New Patient Scheduling: Your front desk and how you schedule new patients can make or break a marketing campaign. Find out how to make your office “new patient friendly.”

Patient Reactivation: Surefire techniques to get and keep your patient base active.

Section III – Case Acceptance

The Solutions to Case Acceptance: Through decades of research, we’ve found five specific actions which can make case acceptance (and collections) catch fire and move to inconceivably high levels. Find out what these are and how to use them in your office!

Case Presentation, Structure: How to structure each and every case presentation to maximize success.

Day 2 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Section IV – Management

Organizational Structure: We’ll show the most successful organizational structure/system for a dental office, along with how it can be easily implemented.

Hiring & Training: How to find & train the right people for A+ customer service!

Performance & Statistics: How to use statistics to monitor and increase productivity and income.

Executive Basics: Whether you like it or not, you are an executive! Find out how to be an effective executive and leader!

Section V – Profitability

Overhead & Profitability: Profitability boils down to one thing: Income versus expenses. Find out how to maximize income while managing your overhead.

Your Biggest Expense: No, it’s not your lab bill or even payroll, but whether you know it or not, it’s costing you a fortune! Find out how to eliminate this expense and vastly increase profitability.

Overhead Guidelines: Discover the 20 specific overhead categories and what you should be spending for each as a percentage of collections. Most doctors calculate this incorrectly and miss hidden expenses.

The Top Five Overhead Sinkholes: For most dentists, these five categories of expense can hemorrhage money, causing the practice budget to spiral out of control. Find out what they are and what to do about them.

Section VI – Making It All Work

Leave with a simple implementation plan to begin getting immediate results with what you’ve learned!

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