What is MGE Training?

Training. It’s a word that can mean any number of things, depending on who you ask. To some, it means tedious, bordering on mentally painful hours in a classroom (who would want that?). To others, it means time spent in the effort to obtain a pretty certificate.

You’ll notice that on this website, we use the word “training” quite frequently. Why? The MGE program is all about training. We train doctors and their staff rather extensively on just about any subject related to managing a successful practice (case acceptance, marketing, management, etc.). This being the case, we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to describe what we at MGE mean when we use the word “training” in referring to our program and services.

MGE Course RoomThe primary focus of MGE training programs is application that leads to tangible results. If it doesn’t get a result, we’re not interested. The management, communication and marketing principles used in the MGE curriculum are all a part of the Hubbard Management System, developed by American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard.

Our clients spend substantial time and money to do our program. In return, they need tools that translate into more profitability, reduced stress and improved practice performance. When you graduate an MGE course, it is done with the intention that you’ll be able to actually do what you learned to do on the course. Otherwise, what’s the point?

At MGE, we utilize three basic methods to train:

Course study: MGE course study is done in the MGE Course room. Delivered in a unique training format, it consists of both theory study and practical application supervised by a specially trained MGE instructor. Each course has a specific objective or subject matter and contain a copious amount of practical application and exercises to assist with implementation. This makes for comprehensive education which is both enlightening and fun.

Seminars: MGE seminars cover subjects ranging from case acceptance to management and executive skills. Delivered in a conventional format (through a seminar speaker), plenty of time is allotted at each seminar for exercises that reinforce application. Held in both a familiar and comfortable atmosphere, MGE seminars embody the spirit of MGE and MGE clients—one of camaraderie and mutual assistance—to succeed and help others to achieve success.

MGE TrainingPractical Application Assistance: Application in the real world is what creates results. The staff and Practical Consultants of MGE’s Practical Application Department stand ready to bridge the gap between study and application. As appropriate, you’ll work with a highly trained Practical Consultant on specific applications of course materials to your individualized situation. And it doesn’t stop when you leave! The Practical Application Department is available to assist with follow-up questions via phone, fax or e-mail to ensure you’re on the right track.

MGE training is intense, yet very rewarding. In the long-run, it’s an investment in you and your ability as an executive and business owner. Investing in you might be the best investment you ever make.
Our suggestion? Find out if the MGE program is for you. Start out with the MGE New Patient Workshop and MGE Communication and Sales Seminars.

This website encompasses MGE’s entire curriculum from our free introductory seminars all the way through the MGE Power Program. Go ahead and browse our site to find the training program that fits your needs and helps you become profitable and successful!