How this office lost $4800 with one phone call:

Doctor: Is your front office driving away potential new patients while you're in the back ?

Find out how your front desk is answering the phone and get a free guide for handling different types of calls correctly. 

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“What I learned from MGE is woven into just about everything my staff and I do to within the practice. Since I’ve been a client, I’ve seen an increase from 19 to about 55 new patients per month!”

– Charmaine Johnson, DDS Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Ever since we started with MGE, we’ve consistently averaged at least 100 new patients per month!”

– Ken Cirka, DDS, Philadelphia, PA

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We are an education company. We don't sell marketing products or programs. We teach dentists and their teams how to organize and manage successful practices.

Acquiring new patients is an essential part of growing your practice—especially in the aftermath of COVID-19. So learning how to add high quality fee-for-service patients without overspending is one of the first things is one of the first services we provide for our clients. We also teach case acceptance, staffing, teamwork, organization, profitability and more. 


The average call conversion rate* in a Dental Office in the US is 23%



Ideal Conversion rate when calls are handled correctly

Average Conversion rate in the US

after implementing the steps outlined in the guide

This means over 77% of your potential new patients will never step foot in your office.

*Conversion rate: The percentage of potential new patient phone calls converted into a patient scheduled for treatment and arrived in your office.

Start handling these calls the right way:

You only get 1 chance at that first impression

You may spend a lot of money on Marketing. Whether it's a direct mail campaign, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. 

You want to make sure that it's not money wasted.

When a potential new patient calls in to your practice, you only get 1 chance at the first impression. Make sure whoever you have answering the phone knows exactly how to handle that call.

Maybe your staff member doesn't know how to answer the questions. Maybe they have a lot going on. Maybe they just aren't trained. Or maybe they don't WANT the phone to ring. 

Any of these scenarios is costing you BIG. Not just from the money wasted on the Marketing you're sending out, but also on the loss of the treatment that you would have done had they scheduled that new patient.

Now is your chance to find out whether you have a super star at your front desk, or someone who's strangling your profits.

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