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Hi! We're MGE: Management Experts.

We teach real systems for dental practice efficiency, teamwork, profitability and growth.

We deliver fun, engaging and practical courses and seminars around the US & Canada and work with dentists one-on-one to help them implement successfully.

With over 25,000 seminar attendees, you probably know someone who’s been to our seminars.

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About MGE: Management Experts

There’s no shortage of dental practice management or marketing firms. Many appear to offer the exact same services. It’s a wonder the average dentist doesn’t hit “information overload” from the choices available. It makes it difficult to determine which would be the best option for your individual practice.

So, you might be wondering: “What’s so special about MGE: Management Experts, Inc.?” Well, beyond the fact that we are arguably the largest dental practice management firm in the US if not the world, what truly makes us stand out is one thing: RESULTS.

At MGE, we live, sleep and breathe results. Clients come to us with a purpose – to improve conditions in their practice. If you read any of our literature or speak with one or more MGE clients you’ll see we uniformly get results: Doubled, tripled or quintupled revenues or new patients, less stress and financial success. Oftentimes, the results we get are so outrageous they may be hard to believe. It’s not uncommon to have prospective clients ask if they are real. Yes, they are. And with hard work and dedication you too could have similar results.

Like our results, the manner in which we help clients to obtain them are unique.

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Why Training Instead of Consulting

At MGE we believe that training the doctor and his or her staff is the only effective way to bring about lasting results in practice performance and statistics. In our “fast-food” society, people have developed a tendency to look for the easiest – as opposed to the most effective – solution to their problems.  Taking the easy way out, they are often disappointed by the results.

Common sense dictates that anything worth having might take some work. As a dental professional, you’ve experienced this personally – your ability to practice is the result of hard won knowledge and practical experience.

Similarly, practice management issues (not enough new patients, poor case acceptance, lack of practice growth, low profitability, staff issues, etc.) have at their root a lack of know-how.  Sure, you could hire someone to provide “advice” about these issues.  Or, you could hire someone to come in and do it for you. Hiring an advisor makes you dependent on them. Bringing someone in to do it for you bypasses the person who should be handling it – you or your manager. Why? It’s your practice. You should know how to handle these things. You are ultimately responsible for it.  This is why we take the training approach.

Teaching You How to Solve Your Management Problems

The MGE: Management Experts Program is extensive. We cover just about every aspect of practice management. Generally speaking, the average MGE client trains on marketing and communication before getting into organization issues. Why? If the practice is not productive, there’s not much to organize! Realizing their production potential and now managing a growing practice, clients (and their office managers) progress onto the organizational training (which includes training on efficiency, staff management, statistic management and executive/leadership skills) as these skills are now all the more valuable.

Now, we don’t just put someone through a course and say: go do it.  Most MGE services follow a two-step approach:

1) Training: The doctor and/or manager or staff learn effective techniques to address a situation or area (i.e. executive skills, marketing, etc.). MGE training methods are both fun and intense. Whether you’re doing an individual course in our courseroom or attending a seminar, ability to actually apply the information is the most important consideration.

2) Implementation. Our practical consulting department is not there to give you “advice.” While we provide guidance throughout your training to ensure you’re on the right track, their primary mission is to ensure you  are applying what you’re learning on the program to good results that show up in statistics, profitability, less stress and success. They are also available for phone follow-up while you’re back at the office.

The MGE Facility: It’s Pretty Big!

OUR OFFICE IN ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA is 55,000 square feet and was designed around how we deliver services.  It includes:

1. Seminar Rooms: Two seminar rooms. A smaller one for more intimate seminars (100 people or less) and our primary seminar room seating up to 300, with state of the art audio-visual equipment.

2. Courses: MGE courses are delivered differently from seminars. On a course, you study a set body of materials while working with an MGE supervisor to ensure comprehension. They further break down into straight theory study and practical (application). To accommodate this, our theory and practical course rooms seat close to 200 students.

3. Consultation spaces: Bridging the gap between training and implementation, MGE’s Practical Consultants work one-on-one with our clients to ensure they’re ready to implement. With twelve consultation spaces, MGE has adequate facilities to both accommodate our current client base and provide for future expansion.


The MGE: Management Experts Curriculum

Our full curriculum and catalog of services can be viewed online or sent to you free of charge by calling (800) 640-1140 or emailing us at

You won’t know if MGE is right for you—really—until you find out for yourself. Start out with the MGE NEW PATIENT WORKSHOP.  It comes with a money back guarantee.  To find out more, contact Jeff at (800) 640-1140 or email