Meet the Team

Last updated on November 23rd, 2019 at 11:43 am

The Owners

Luis Colon CEO MGE
Greg Winteregg Vice President MGE

The Executives

Jeff Blumberg Chief Operating Officer MGE
Sabri Blumberg Deputy Chief Operating Officer MGE
Mike Menkhaus Vice President of Expansion MGE
Amy Menkhaus Vice President of Operations MGE
Ashley Fuegel Administrative Executive MGE

The Seminar Speakers

Jeff Santone Seminar Speaker MGE
Rushi Trivedi Seminar Speaker MGE
Aleksandr Dayanayev Seminar Speaker MGE
Justene Doan Seminar Speaker MGE
Oscar Marin Seminar Speaker MGE
Khang Nguyen Seminar Speaker MGE

The Staff

Abby Winteregg Treasury Executive MGE
Adam Fuegel Tech Executive MGE
Dennis Dezelic Senior Service Consultant MGE
Dan Brown Senior Service Consultant MGE
Chris Menkhaus Practical Director MGE
Cody Holton Director of Client Services MGE
Dionicio Barcenas Application Director of Verification MGE
Adam Mortimer Director of Marketing MGE
Amanda Gagliardi Receptionist MGE
Paul Mansfield Lead Theory Supervisor MGE
Saiyo Shaw Lead Word Clearer MGE
John Austin Practical Application Specialist MGE
Michele Carter Ethics Officer MGE
Shana Austin External Activities Liaison MGE
Matt Wagers Multimedia Specialist MGE
David Muhammad Practical Application Supervisor MGE
Carly Rush Practical Supervisor MGE