Meet a Member of the MGE Team!

“I love my job at MGE Management Experts.  When asked, ‘What do you do?’, I could say that I get to help our clients, mainly dentists, with their business.  The truth is, however, that I help THEM.  I help them with their lives, their goals, their fears, their staff, their family, and those they love.  I have helped people regain their self-confidence, their integrity and have even helped bring back the vigor for life itself.  I love seeing them expand both personally and professionally.   I get to use the management system by L. Ron Hubbard and know I can now take businesses to new heights without a blink.  It’s a very rewarding experience, and I am excited to come to work every day.”

  • Lynne Borden
    Practical Application Specialist
    MGE Management Experts