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Average monthly income increase: 116%

When I came to the first seminar in March, one of the first thoughts I had was “I’ve never heard anything like this before!” I felt that Dr. Winteregg was an extremely animated speaker and I was drawn to what he was saying. I learned so much, but the initial difference-maker for me was gaining the confidence to tell my patients, without any concern or worry about what they might think, that “You need this treatment,” (regardless of the cost) and having the confidence to work with them to follow through. I feel that this alone helped me to get treatment accepted that I’d been recommending to patients (and they’d elected not to do) for quite some time! That month, production increased by 30%!

Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

Average monthly income increase: 166%

MGE has helped me structure the practice so I can practice dentistry the way I’d like to. Every day, I go to work and it’s not stressful anymore—it’s fun! That’s how I imagined dentistry to be when I decided to get into the profession. It’s also helped me at home. Work no longer “comes home” so it’s better for my family (my wife, kids and me). I’m also proud of being able to provide a work environment where my staff can grow and love coming to work. And we’re even looking to hire an associate now.

Location: San Diego, CA