Steps to Get Ultra-Productive & Profitable in the Post-Covid-19 World

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Join a small group for an online meeting, where we'll work directly with you to isolate your exact trouble spots and give you effective tools you can implement TODAY to start seeing improvements in your practice!

After COVID-19, it's extra important to control costs! We'll show you how.

Learn how to find and train great staff – and build a team of superstar performers!

The average dentists loses $100,000+ a year due to missed appointments. Learn how to recover your lost productivity!

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Live Stream Seminars

The live stream seminars are where you'll dive deep into a specific area of your practice and learn effective systems to increase production and profitability in the aftermath of COVID-19. 

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Don't be limited by insurance coverage! Learn techniques to help patients accept (and pay for) comprehensive, full-mouth dentistry.

Your hygiene dept doesn't have to be a headache! Learn how to make it consistently productive & PROFITABLE.

As a private practitioner, you’re facing a host of new challenges:

Reduced capacity due to schedule modifications


Higher PPE costs


Massive unemployment rates


Staffing issues directly related to recent events


All of which add up to more work and a less productive and profitable practice. 

Times have changed. Doing things the "same old way" isn't going to cut it right now. 

If you want to survive, recoup your losses, and EXPAND, there are a number of specific adjustments you’ll need to make in your practice. NOW.

To handle these issues, we’ve isolated the key areas every dental practice owner should be focusing on. Executing these steps can not only help your practice to recover – but actually grow despite the headwinds your facing in today’s “new normal.”

How do we know? We have a number of clients executing these steps and we’ve seen incredible results.

We've got you covered

At these events, you’ll get a complete package of materials for your practice, including:

Checklists for implementing each step

Sample policies

Sample forms

And more!