MGE Career Opportunities

Career opportunities at MGE
If you’re looking for an exciting career with plenty of room for advancement, MGE Management Experts may be the place for you!

MGE: Management Experts, Inc. is a management training and consulting company that works with Health Care Professionals. We’re rapidly expanding and also happen to be the largest company of our kind in the world! Consistent expansion has seen us grow from a small regional operation with a handful of staff to a 50+ employee organization with clients spanning the continental United States and Canada.

To support our expansion, we’re looking to fill a number of positions from entry-level to those requiring training and experience.

Career opportunities at MGE

“I love my job at MGE Management Experts.  When asked, ‘What do you do?’, I could say that I get to help our clients, mainly dentists, with their business.  The truth is, however, that I help THEM.  I help them with their lives, their goals, their fears, their staff, their family, and those they love.  I have helped people regain their self-confidence, their integrity and have even helped bring back the vigor for life itself.  I love seeing them expand both personally and professionally.   I get to use the management system by L. Ron Hubbard and know I can now take businesses to new heights without a blink.  It’s a very rewarding experience, and I am excited to come to work every day.”
Lynne Borden
Practical Application Specialist
MGE Management Experts

“I have been with MGE for 6 years. MGE builds you, personally and professionally. It is a bittersweet moment when I have a client in front of me who is graduating from the MGE Program telling their wins to the course room, how it changed their lives and their business.” – Andrea Hegyesi, Director of Training.

General Administrative Positions

These positions are a great way to get your foot in the door and to be trained by the LARGEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL company of its kind in the world! Good performance in these positions accompanied with the training we provide can make you eligible for promotion/advancement. The current entry level positions available include:

  • Client Scheduling Department Administrator
  • Administrative Assistants

Positions Requiring Training and Experience include: 

  • Bookkeeper
  • Client Scheduler
  • Sales Representatives (Involves Travel)
  • Executive Assistant
  • Course Room Supervisor

We also offer

  • Excellent, competitive base pay with additional income potential
  • Bonus structure for all employees who qualify
  • Major medical and life insurance

Interested or would like more information about a specific position? Contact our Director of Personnel, Ms. Jackie Millsap at (727) 530-4277. You can also send us an email with your resumé to, or fill out the form below. 

MGE: Management Experts, Inc.

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