Average monthly income increase: 166%

MGE has helped me structure the practice so I can practice dentistry the way I’d like to. Every day, I go to work and it’s not stressful anymore—it’s fun! That’s how I imagined dentistry to be when I decided to get into the profession. It’s also helped me at home. Work no longer “comes home” so it’s better for my family (my wife, kids and me). I’m also proud of being able to provide a work environment where my staff can grow and love coming to work. And we’re even looking to hire an associate now.

Location: San Diego, CA

Average monthly income increase: 116%

When I came to the first seminar in March of 2014, one of the first thoughts I had was “I’ve never heard anything like this before!” I felt that Dr. Winteregg was an extremely animated speaker and I was drawn to what he was saying. I learned so much, but the initial difference-maker for me was gaining the confidence to tell my patients, without any concern or worry about what they might think, that “You need this treatment,” (regardless of the cost) and having the confidence to work with them to follow through. I feel that this alone helped me to get treatment accepted that I’d been recommending to patients (and they’d elected not to do) for quite some time! That month, production increased by $10,000!

Location: Guelph, ON, Canada

Average monthly income increase: 820%

Statistically, the program has been an excellent return on investment – the practice has gone from collecting an average of $24,000 to $173,000 per month. The MGE Power Program is a great way to learn about how to run a business, and manage your staff and statistics. It’s a win. Without it, I think my practice would have grown a little, maybe to $40 or $50 thousand a month, maybe to $60 even, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be doing $173,000 had I not done the MGE Power Program. I feel like it’s a great way to put your practice in a position where it’s on a steady rise, and to know what to look for when your stats are declining. It’s a systematic approach to your business. Your office becomes sort of a well-oiled machine and you know how it operates. In addition to my training, my office manager has completed the MGE Office Manager Training Program. We have a wonderful staff, including a part-time associate, many of whom have done various MGE training programs. I came to MGE to see my office hit its potential. With our growth, we’ve expanded from 2 to 5 operatories, while actually reducing my hours.

Location: New York, NY

Average monthly income increase: 122%

I’ve experienced tremendous growth personally as well as professionally. Being in control in my business and having the ability to find ways to keep engaged and enjoy what I do every day makes all the difference. It allowed us to buy up and merge another smaller office into our practice in May of 2014. Without the MGE Power Program, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or management skills to accomplish such a smooth integration. We now train our staff in a very controlled and organized manner, which gives the entire team the confidence and know-how to be able to get the goals met as well as help more and more people on a regular basis. We’ve also sorted out office organization and delegated duties in an intelligent manner for smooth growth. You can see the payoff in that we’ve more than doubled revenues and have a very happy, supportive staff. We have a total of 13 staff, full-time and part-time. We’re in a growth phase, so we’ll be adding clinical staff as well as looking to add associate hours.

Location: Detroit, MI

Average monthly income increase: 350%

In June 2007, we first heard about MGE: Management Experts, Inc. through a mailing. I talked to Dr. Winteregg and I signed up for the MGE New Patient Workshop. Then BAM! This was amazing material, and I wanted to know more, so my wife Soly and I decided to do the MGE Power Program. You know how sometimes you get a “gut feeling” and you know if something is right or wrong? I knew this was right. By October, after two of the MGE Communication and Sales Seminars, it “clicked” and we managed to see 22 new patients and our collections improved by more than double! We were extremely happy with our new success and wanted to continue the growth. By the time we finished the power program our income was up by 350%!

Location: Naples, FL

Average monthly income increase: 2200%

Currently, I own my building with Dr. Neme and I have about 30 staff (including several trained executives), 3 associates doing general dentistry and 4 part-time specialists. By 2010, our collections were up 600% and we averaged over two hundred new patients per month! We have 13 chairs in 5000 square feet. With a fully trained staff, my patients still get the personal touch they are used to from when I first opened my doors.
Personally, one of my biggest successes from the MGE Training Program is knowing that I can successfully manage any business. I know how to lead, manage, hire, market, delegate, train and plan and feel comfortable confronting just about anything. We are very profitable and unstressed and despite our growth, my clinical hours have not really increased.

Location: Detroit, MI